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Chris Fraser is a visual artist living and working in San Francisco, California. He is a recipient of the Jay DeFeo Prize and was a graduate fellow at Headlands Center for the Arts. He is a 2012 SECA award finalist. Fraser is represented by Highlight Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Chris Fraser’s work isolates and brings attention to the miraculous and mysterious qualities of light as it moves through architecture—powerful forces that usually go unnoticed in a space. His site‐specific, large‐scale structures act as modified camera obscuras, producing room‐sized abstract canvases painted with refracted streaks of light.

My light installations use the camera obscura as a point of departure. They are immersive optical environments, idealized spaces with discreet openings. In translating the outside world into moving fields of light and color, the projections make an argument for an unfixed notion of sight. Motion emphasizes the vitality of these projections. Whether through the slow arc of the sun, the kinetic pace of pedestrian traffic, or a sometimes easy pulse of wind, each work responds to an environment in flux.


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